Fireplaces and Stoves. Камины и печи. №3 (35)08. 2016 г.
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To be the best serious work.
Be an example - a big responsibility.
To create masterpieces - the mission is life-long.
To make the masterpieces available - a luxury that can afford only the professional.
We want to share what devoted himself.
We are proud to put our knowledge and experience to your product.
A new collection of fireplaces "Reflections" - the synergy of our strengths in budget execution.
Remain unchanged architectural precision, aesthetic harmony, and quality in the best varieties of marble.
We always welcome partnership and offer a special dealer program for business travelers and art lovers around the world.

As a company with 30 years of history in the Russian market, we are interested not only in preserving cultural and historical heritage of the country, but in support (development) import substitution goods.

Easy to assemble, attractive price,
superior materials and constant quality-
this series fireplaces "Reflections".
12 standard models in different styles from 105 thousand rubles specially adapted for mounting
furnaces Schmid, a leading German manufacturer.
Species diversity of sun marble from our warehouse, noble brass, impeccable design – now this luxury
Under the sign of quality our company has become more accessible.
Waiting for You at:

Saint-Petersburg, Vyborgskaya embankment, 61, tel.: +7(812)994-89-94, +7(812)994-29-94

mon-Fri: 10.00 - 19.00,
sub. - sun.: according to the agreement.

Moscow, street of Nikolaev 4/4, tel.: +7(495)605-82-10, +7-963-922-46-61, +7-916-552-62-45
mon-Fri: 10.00 - 19.00,
sub. - sun.: according to the agreement.