Elena and Sergey Zemlyanichkin. The owners

Behalf of the company


He was born in Leningrad, and graduated with honours from an architectural and construction technical school in 1975 and later from the Leningrad Engineering Construction Institute in 1980. After serving in the army, his next carefully planned step was to begin work at the Restorer Research and Production Association. He began as a craftsman in the restoration section, specializing in significant historical sites. With his direct participation and later under his management, the following restorations were undertaken (1982–1988): The Rostral Columns, the Pushkin Apartment Museum, the memorial to Nicholas I on St Isaac’s Square, the porphyritic vases on Angliyskaya Naberezhnaya, the stone portico of the Mariinsky Palace on St Isaac’s Square, sculptures in the Summer Garden, the Laval House on Angliyskaya Naberezhnaya, the former Wedding Palace on Petrogradskaya Naberezhnaya (now the Russian Presidential Administration Building), and St Isaac’s Cathedral. On 23 December 1988, he founded the Lavrsky Cooperative, which was later renamed Strelets, and subsequently again renamed Strelets Petersburg Fireplaces.


She was born in Leningrad, and graduated from the Leningrad Engineering Construction Institute in 1980. By the time Strelets Petersburg Fireplaces was founded, she had already acquired a large amount of experience in design and management work. The various styles of fireplaces she created became the foundation for an extensive collection. The design principles set out in the process of creating the initial fireplaces are used to this day.


Over the years of the company’s existence, Mr. and Ms. Zemlyanichkin has gathered around him people who are keen on creativity, and taught them. A talented engineer and innovator capable of inculcating others with his own sense of dedication, he is constantly learning as well. Myriads of professionals have grown up under his influence. Some have already attained extraordinary heights; others are beginning to fulfil their true potential. For many, this work has taken over their lives.

Our strongest areas today:

  • Hand-carving of marble.
  • Mosaics.
  • Non-ferrous metal art.
  • Architectural design.