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The history of the company

December 23, 1988 - we can consider this day as a day of our company establishing.

For many years the most important activity of the company “Kaminy Peterburga” (“Fireplaces of Petersburg”) was the restoration work. Invaluable experience of restoration activity, conservation of spirit and traditions of the old masters are the basis of our work today.

Geniuses of the past, what did they knew about eternity,
When they sculpted carelessly the columns of brittle stone
The restorer will turn the clock hands back
Time goes around, it does neither spare nor wait.

1988 - 2003. Saint Isaac's Cathedral.
- Development of techniques for the restoration of facades.
- Work on the restoration of facades for fifteen years (see photo).
- Repair of copper roof with the use of “teak” soldering.
- Restoration of large gilt bronze chandeliers (see photo).
- Restoration of small iconostasis of Alexander Nevsky with gilding works (see photo).
- Restoration of the cross of northeastern bell tower with gilding works (see photo).
- Restoration of sculptures on the facade of the cathedral (see photo).
- Restoration and the return on its historic site of the silver dove "Holy Spirit" with three meters wingspan and gilded rays of the dome. As a result of the works the central composition of the cathedral was reinvigorated: now the main dome of the cathedral with paintings by Karl Briullov is decorated by the silver dove hovering in the sun gilded rays - a symbol of the Holy Spirit. During the restoration works Foucault pendulum was dismantled (see photo).

1990. Engineers’ Castle.
- Restoration of the granite base of the northern and eastern facades (see photo).
- Restoration of the granite porch of the northern facade.
- Rotunda. Restoration of marble columns. The eastern facade.

1990 - 1996. Arch of New Holland.
- Restoration of a fragment of the facade (see photo).

1992 - 1996. Cottage of Princess Saltykova.
- Restoration of interiors and facade of natural stone. Works were carried out during four years (see photo).

1993. Administration of Customs, Kutuzov embankment.
- Restoration of the fireplace in the Rococo style. The fireplace was reassembled from 57 fragments, marble was cleaned of dirt with conservation of designer’s layer. And also the lost items have been filled in during the restoration. Admission board of the Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks admired the result of work.

1995. Zakharievskaya, 41.
- Production of six luxurious, marble, carved fireplaces.

1992 - 2002. The Taurida Palace.
- Restoration of natural stone porticos (see photo).
- Restoration of the iron fence of the palace (see photo).
- Restoration of marble floors and other elements of interior decoration of the palace.
- Reconstruction and restoration of the ancient style window espagnolettes with sliding mechanisms, and of bronze pull handles.
- Recreating marble fireplaces.

1996. Senate Palace of the Moscow Kremlin. Residence of the President of the Russian Federation.
- Reconstruction of the fireplace and marble decor (see photos).

1996 was a very important year in the life of the company:
- The development of corporate identity of “Kaminy Peterburga”.
- Catalog of fireplaces “Kaminy Peterburga” was published. The first edition on the fireplaces in Russia.
- Opening of the first exhibition hall at Chyornaya Rechka.
- The first exhibitions.
- The first awards.
- Equipment for production of a more advanced level.
- By this time, we have patented a lot of our own developments. Including brass frames for fireplaces - in the group “A” world novelty”.
- Since that year each fireplace produced by us has a bronze personal brand with our logo.

1996. Government House.
- Office of the Prime Minister. Marble fireplace.

1997. Promstroybank. Mansion of architect Khrenov.
- Restoration of the twelve marble fireplaces, interior elements from metal.

1997 - 1999. The building of the October Railway.
- Restoration of marble fireplaces.
- Restoration of chandeliers, sconces, and anther bronze fittings.

1998 - 1999. Kremlin. The Grand Kremlin Palace.
- Participation in the reconstruction of the palace.
This work had a very great public interest in the media. The company "“Kaminy Peterburga” was awarded special prizes. We would like to make a pointed reference to the book “The Moscow Kremlin at the turn of the millennium” given to us by I.S. Glazunov with his note of appreciation in sign of his admiration.
Work in the Grand Kremlin Palace coincided with the tenth anniversary of the company. Recognition was very necessary for us and opened up new prospects. (Go to the Portfolio - Fireplaces)

1998 - 2004. Peter and Paul Fortress.
- Participation in the restoration of an angel on the spire of the cathedral.
- Grand Ducal Burial Vault. Production of plaques of Romanovs.
- Restoration of six fireplaces for the Museum of the History of the city was our initiative (see photo). Free of charge. This invaluable experience became a source of inspiration for the collection of fireplaces in the style of Russian classicism.

1999 - 2000. Gatchina. PromSvyazBank building.
- Reconstruction of the facade.

1998 - 1999. Paris.
- At the request of the French Consulate and Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Philippe Moreau in person. Six luxury antique fireplaces were restored. Free of charge. They formed the basis of our “royal” collection of fireplaces (see catalog of fireplaces, the style of Louis XIV, Rococo, Louis XVI).

1998 - 2001 Tsarskoye Selo. Catherine Palace.
- Restoration of marble sculpture Venus Callipyge. For many years the sculpture was hidden after the war and was found in a deplorable state. Special techniques have allowed to return this masterpiece to a new life (see photo).
- Restoration of two marble fireplaces designed by Charles Cameron in the second Antechamber of the palace (see photo).
- Restoration of two marble fireplaces designed by Charles Cameron in the third Antechamber of the palace (see picture).
- Restoration of two marble fireplaces from the Cameron Gallery. (Go to the Portfolio - Fireplaces)

2000. A new catalogue “Golden Age”, as well as “Classic. Favorites”, “Reflections” were published, they included our best works. Development of a new version of the company's website.

2002 - 2003 The Old Peterhof. Railroad station.
- Restoration of historic decor of stone facade elements in the Neo-Gothic style (see photo).

2002 - 2003. Constantine Palace. Strelna.
State Complex "Palace of Congresses".
- For a short period a titanic work on making 27 fireplaces for Palace was done (see photo).
This work had a very great public interest in the media. The company “Kaminy Petersburga” repeatedly awarded prizes in various categories, the company directors have been nominated for the State Prize. We had a special section in the publication The Architectural Heritage of the North-West of Russia “State Complex “Palace of Congresses” - restoration and reconstruction of the Strelna palace and park ensemble. Celebrating the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg and the implementation of the project coincided with the fifteenth anniversary of our company. We are proud that our capabilities have allowed us to take part in such a grand project meaningful for the country life. (Go to the Portfolio - Fireplaces)

2004. Opening of the salon in Moscow in cooperation with Baker Furniture.

2004 - 2015. Restoration of fireplaces, including unique ones of Stackenschneider, Lidval, as well as sculpture of Canova.

2006. The important stage in the life of “Kaminy Petersburga”.
- Opening of the exhibition hall on the Vyborg embankment.
- Equipment for production of a more advanced level. New technologies have offered a new quantum leap and opportunities in interior design. Since then the company implemented many successful projects and it placed the highest value on marble.

2010. House Museum of I. Glazunov "Moscow Manor" on Volkhonka.
- By request of the Government of Moscow and on the recommendation of Ilya Glazunov five fireplaces were made for the museum - recreating the era of Emperor Nicholas I.

2014. Stroganov Palace. Physical Cabinet.
- Works on the production of unique floors with cores in the technique of Russian mosaic of malachite as the main decorative element (see photo).

2015. By this time, a lot of completed projects were realized, some of which became the basis of the catalog and of our corporate identity. Perfection in every detail is a fundamental criterion of our products.

Art belongs to eternity. We want to create something that will be demanded by future generations. This is not just a pretentious word or selected business strategy. This is an inner need to be needed today, and forever.

With appreciation, Elena Zemlyanickina